Whole Home Project, Day 4

Day 4 was all about the kids’ rooms.


Mom and I worked a day in each room before the kids came home. She wanted to have some control over purging without them there.

When I arrived Saturday morning, we held a family meeting. We discussed the importance of not just cleaning up, but creating new habits.


I started in the little girl’s room. We had a trash sack, a donate sack, and a pile of things to go through. She was a champ! She quickly made decisions and was willing to let things go. Neat Freak Jr!! Lol!


She loves nature, collecting beautiful rocks, journaling and her pets.  We grouped like items together and contained the collections into one area. Before, they were scattered about the room and not easy to find.


The after pics are astonishing. She worked so hard and was SO HAPPY with her new room arrangement.


Check back tomorrow for the boy’s room before and afters. They are just as good!

Ready to tackle your mess? I can help you! Email or msg me today and let’s get started! You won’t regret it.

I love people, not their “stuff”,


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