Whole Home Project, Day 5

Today was the final day of my whole home project with this special family. As you recall, a family health crisis turned this sweet family upside down, literally and figuratively.


On Day 5, we held a family meeting, kids included. We talked about the importance of everyone in the family being on board. I impressed on them that this had to be a life change, or else their home would end up like it was before I came.

The kids listened and participated in the meeting. They desired to have a happy, organized home. When they returned home after being away all week, they noticed the difference, and were really excited about it.





After the family meeting, we moved upstairs to tackle their rooms.



They worked tirelessly and without complaining for a solid three hours. We sorted, purged, rearranged, and restyled their collections. The results were astonishing!



We talked about how it was important to not “just clean” their rooms, but to keep them neat, tidy and organized on a daily basis.

Everything in their room now has a form and function. Their fun collections are neatly contained and easily accessible.





Now their son can find what he needs on his desk, as well as have space to do crafts or homework. When like items are stored together, it is easier to find what you need.




Craft items that get used more frequently were stored under the bed in a container, and his National Geographic magazine collection, used more infrequently, found a pretty home, all together.






The before and after pics show just how hard the kids worked. They were proud of their rooms, and want to keep them organized and picked up on a daily basis.

Their mom sent me a sweet note the week after letting me know of the progress the entire family was making on keeping their home neat and tidy. Something to be proud of!!



I will do a thirty day follow up with this family, can’t wait to encourage them to keep up the great work!

Need help with your home? The hardest part is asking, the rest is all GOOD!

I’m ready to help you today,



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