Using Your Gifts

I believe we are all born with a special gift.






I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, grammy-nana, teacher and friend, and I love all those jobs the Lord has given me…but I am happiest and most fulfilled when I am sharing my gifts with others. 


Last June when I launched Neat Freak McKinney I felt called to use my gift of organization, empathy, and compassion with others.


I can walk into the craziest of homes and find ways to bring them peace and order. It doesn’t frazzle me, but rather makes me excited to offer help. That is my gift.


I love learning from other women and feel so loved when they share their gifts with me…what is your special gift? Who are you sharing it with today?


McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-3-7


Be yourself, use your gifts, don’t wish your gift away, share what YOU were given.


And if you need help, I’m here.




What’s Your Excuse?

What’s your excuse for not getting organized? 



Before you can change anything and make lasting efforts in decluttering your home, you have to address the negative self talk that hinders a lot of people.

“I just can’t do it”,  “I’m too tired”, “I don’t have the money to buy things to organize”, “the kids will just mess it up again”, “I can’t get my husband/wife on board to help me”, “I never have time” …sound familiar?

These are lies.

Don’t believe them.




Get out a piece of paper and write down a list of everything you want to accomplish at home. Put that list in a place that will be seen by everyone, everyday. Tape it to your fridge if you have to. Put EVERYTHING you want to accomplish around the house on that list. Big and small.

Now start.

Just do it. One room, one shelf, one drawer, one closet at a time.

Baby steps.

Dump everything out of that drawer, shelf, closet, cupboard and make piles of like items. Throw away or donate what you don’t want or need. Decluttering your home also declutters the mind.

When you are done with that one thing, big or small, go to that list and cross it off.



Now, lets address the “I don’t have the money to spend on organizing tools” lie.

I am betting, and I’m in a lot of homes, that there are so many things sitting around unused, that you can organize with.

Glass jars, Ball jars, baskets, small boxes, any type of bin, even baggies can all be used to contain items.

I’ve had this glass jar from Target forever, (it was about $5), and there are a million uses for it. Markers, crayons, tape, coffee pods, cooking utensils, pantry storage, food storage, etc.




I’ve had this pretty vase just sitting in my cupboard…store q-tips or toothbrushes in it, use it as a pen holder on your desk.




These bins for art supplies and toys are from The Dollar Store. The labels are made from a Sharpie Oil Pen that was inexpensive and lasts forever. 




These drawer dividers from  Target under $2! Again so many uses. Junk drawer, office drawer, bathroom drawer, pantry, etc.




Still feel like “I don’t have the money to organize” is a good reason?

Ask yourself honest questions, when was the last time you went to Starbucks? Have you gone out to eat? Did you buy those cute booties that were on sale? Have you gone to the movies? Got your nails done?

If any of the answers are yes, then add it up, you’ve spent money on things you don’t need, while neglecting your real needs and desires to get your home under control.

It’s a proven fact, that whatever you focus on becomes a priority.

Focus on the things that you want to accomplish, not all the reasons that you think are keeping you from it.

Be positive about it. Instead of saying, “I am too tired to work on the house”, say “I have enough energy to do what it is that I need/want to do”.

Instead of saying, “I never have the time”, say “today, I’m going to put down my phone, put the iPad down, turn off the TV, and do something constructive with my mental and physical energy.”

Get your family involved. Call a family meeting. Tell them how important it is to you. Make it fun. Turn on some music, hand everyone a trash bag, a laundry basket, some cleaning materials and go to town. Kids love to help, make it fun and they will follow your lead.

Don’t believe the lies in your head. Turn those lies into positives and just do it. I promise, it’s really that simple.

And if you need help, I’m here, 





What Is It Worth?

I’ve had some family members say to me, “who would actually pay for someone to organize their house?”.

I think it was an honest question.







My question back to them was, if you have something that isn’t working, and you can’t do it yourself, isn’t it better to fix it rather than have it sit there broken and unusable?





If I had a light fixture go out, and I could not get it to work, I would hire an electrician to come fix it. I would rather have that light in working order, than hanging there broken. It would be worth it to me to hire that job out.


The same goes for your home. If you are overwhelmed with too much stuff and you can’t seem to make it work, wouldn’t it be better for your whole family to hire help? A professional organizer has the tools and knowledge to help you reclaim your home.







Most of the time all it takes is for me to come in and help a family reset their home. 99.9% of my clients have told me that they are able to maintain their home, now that they have the tools in place to keep it organized.



These photos show real life… undoctored, unedited, unstaged real life. This family needed help. They felt it worth the money to hire me to come and help them. I worked with them for a week to get their home reset and back in order.

Much purging, donating, sorting and throwing away happened in that week. Also a lot of soul searching took place within the people who live there. What is all this stuff for? Does it serve a purpose? Does it bring joy? Does it sit there and keep them paralyzed in the mess? 

A gentle nudging from someone who can help was all it took for this family to lighten up their home. It sparked joy back into every room. The things they were holding on to had become a burden. It was worth it to them to get it fixed.

What’s a happy, organized home worth to you?



I’m ready to help spark joy into your home today,


Is This Real Life?

Remember that funny you tube video of the little boy that had just come from the dentist?

“Is this real life?”, he asked.

Well that’s what people say when they look at Pinterest. And guess what?

This is NOT real life.



In real life, there are clothes on the floor, coffee cups on the night stand, papers and candy wrappers on the counter, toys from kids all around…..etc.




Most bathtubs have magazines sitting by it, soap and shampoo in sight, toys left in the tub from the kids, make up and hair products on the counter… get the picture.



In most kitchens, there are scuffs on the cabinets, crumbs on the floor, dishes to do, and dinner ingredients sitting out that need to become a meal by 6pm.


A couple of weeks ago a reader sent me an email asking for ideas for her master closet. I most always turn to Pinterest to get ideas. And I always find inspiration there.




But it got me thinking…..we don’t live this way! I’ve never walked into a Pinterest home where people actually live there….ever.  


Now….if I lived totally alone, then yes, my house could look like this. I am an over the top neat freak and want it picture perfect as much as possible. Clutter in my home equals clutter in my brain. I can “feel” when my house isn’t in order. I know, it’s weird, but that’s how God made me. But that’s not a realistic goal now is it?


I live with people that aren’t like me. And life gets messy! And I wouldn’t trade my people for anything! Not even a Pinterest worthy home.


Now this picture? This is real life. This is what a busy family with kids, jobs, school and crazy schedules looks like. This is what I help with. It’s not a professionally shot photo, cropped and lit and edited to perfection. This is real life. Real people.




I take your clutter and organize it in a way that helps your family run smoother. I tell all my clients, “I love people not their stuff”. I’m here to help you, not judge. I want to leave my clients with tools to keep their home organized in a way that helps them. 





This is real life. This is what I love to do. This is what people that contact me need. “Help me simplify my life so that I can function on a daily basis and not be overwhelmed.” You got it!

Now this, this is real life.  I’m just an email away. 


Ready when you are,


New Year, New Beginnings

Happy 2018 Friends!


There’s something about a new year that gets me all excited. I want to clean everything in sight, pare down to bare minimalism in every room, make goals, go out for a run, clean my car, remodel the garage, and on and on….now you know how to pray for my family LOL.



Putting all the Christmas away just energizes me in a way I can’t describe. 




About the only thing I miss is the glow of the Christmas lights all around my house. In their place, I like to burn candles in pretty vases, like these mercury glass ones I have collected over the years.

Candles add that warm glow, and make your home feel so cozy. White candles are my favorite. I have a mix of scented and unscented so the smell isn’t too strong.




What are some of your goals for this new year? Mine is to worry less about things I have no control over. 




I will admit this is hard for me. But I will make more of an conscience effort to let things go. Keeping a written journal is a great way to keep track of your thoughts, prayers and goals.

I was gifted a journal for Christmas and I plan to write in it every night, empty my thoughts, and go to sleep with a clear mind.

I’m looking forward to what this year will bring, and putting away all the not so great things that happened in 2017. After all, isn’t it much nicer to be positive? 

And as always, I’m here to help you get organized. Now is the best time to do it while you’re putting all your holiday decor away. 

Kitchens and pantries need to be tidied, linen closets put back in order, guest rooms refreshed, closets to clean and purge, toys to go through and donate….let’s make everything fresh again! I would love to help you in any way I can.


Taking appointments today,