Is This Real Life?

Remember that funny you tube video of the little boy that had just come from the dentist?

“Is this real life?”, he asked.

Well that’s what people say when they look at Pinterest. And guess what?

This is NOT real life.



In real life, there are clothes on the floor, coffee cups on the night stand, papers and candy wrappers on the counter, toys from kids all around…..etc.




Most bathtubs have magazines sitting by it, soap and shampoo in sight, toys left in the tub from the kids, make up and hair products on the counter… get the picture.



In most kitchens, there are scuffs on the cabinets, crumbs on the floor, dishes to do, and dinner ingredients sitting out that need to become a meal by 6pm.


A couple of weeks ago a reader sent me an email asking for ideas for her master closet. I most always turn to Pinterest to get ideas. And I always find inspiration there.




But it got me thinking…..we don’t live this way! I’ve never walked into a Pinterest home where people actually live there….ever.  


Now….if I lived totally alone, then yes, my house could look like this. I am an over the top neat freak and want it picture perfect as much as possible. Clutter in my home equals clutter in my brain. I can “feel” when my house isn’t in order. I know, it’s weird, but that’s how God made me. But that’s not a realistic goal now is it?


I live with people that aren’t like me. And life gets messy! And I wouldn’t trade my people for anything! Not even a Pinterest worthy home.


Now this picture? This is real life. This is what a busy family with kids, jobs, school and crazy schedules looks like. This is what I help with. It’s not a professionally shot photo, cropped and lit and edited to perfection. This is real life. Real people.




I take your clutter and organize it in a way that helps your family run smoother. I tell all my clients, “I love people not their stuff”. I’m here to help you, not judge. I want to leave my clients with tools to keep their home organized in a way that helps them. 





This is real life. This is what I love to do. This is what people that contact me need. “Help me simplify my life so that I can function on a daily basis and not be overwhelmed.” You got it!

Now this, this is real life.  I’m just an email away. 


Ready when you are,


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