Back To School Prep


It’s that time of year y’all! Let’s talk school lunches shall we?


A few weeks ago, I helped my daughters get their kids’ lunch box items all ready for back to school. School is around the corner here in Texas! PS Can I say how blessed we feel to have five of our eight grand babies here in McKinney with us!




Harper starts Kindergarten this year. She’s both excited and nervous. Letting her pick out her lunch box, backpack, and school supplies is helping her feel more excited than nervous.


1. Have them help pack their lunches.


Get the kids involved with packing lunches and snacks for school. Letting them pick what they want to eat ensures they will probably eat it! I always give two choices…this or that…apple or orange, tuna or PBJ, etc.  I control the content but they feel like they have a say.




Jack picked yogurt for his snack, and then chose to add a few chocolate chips (I can’t resist those dimples)-win win for all lol. I love using these mini containers . They hold just the right amount and they are dishwasher safe.




We all love this flip and go container. The spoon is included! So easy to pack up the snack the night before and have it ready to pop in the lunchbox in the morning! Add a fun vinyl label and sweet Harper will always know which one is hers.




She says “Yummy, Nana!” Here is another fun snack container  that comes with a spreader…








This snack container can be used so many ways! Celery and peanut butter (or sun butter), Nutella and crackers, carrots and dip…so many ideas, and at $2.99 it’s a steal!


2. Let them pick their lunchbox inserts.


IMG_0951 2.jpg





When parents let their kiddos make small decisions, it teaches them how to gather information, therefore learning how to make bigger decisions later on in life. #teachertipoftheday

These are the two lunch box inserts my grandkids chose.  Jack and Millie chose the cube bento boxes. Harper chose the slimline lunch insert that includes this mini water bottle!










Millie can’t be left out lol! She was right there with the big kids packing up her lunch box! She couldn’t wait to eat her snack! This will be perfect for her diaper bag when she and mommy go out and about.


Last but not least, add these slim ice packs and the kids are all set! Four different colors in one pack!




3. Pack lunches and snacks the night before.


Nothing is worse than starting the day off stressed. Do yourself and your family a favor by packing lunches (and backpacks) the night before. We always did it after dinner while we were all in the kitchen. Makes the mornings go so much better!


That’s it! My lunchbox tips for back to school. Are you ready?


I’ll be back next week to show you how I Food Prep for the week! And as always, if you need help, I’m an email away!


Ready to help you!






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