How To Organize Jewelry

February 14th is the day that we set aside to express how much we love someone. It usually includes candy, flowers, romantic dinners and in my case, jewelry.

My husband has spoiled me rotten over the years and I have some very special pieces to pass down to my daughters and granddaughters someday. Want to see how I organize it?


How To Organize Jewelry

Recently, I upgraded my jewelry organization. I sorted it all out, donated what I didn’t wear or love anymore, categorized it, and put it all back together here. I treated my jewelry collection just like I would a Pantry Makeover or Custom Master Closet.


Jewelry Stackers


Custom creations for all your jewelry.


I’m so in love with these stackers  from The Container Store. They come in so many designs that you can mix and match to fit your collection.

It’s perfect because I like to sort and organize like with like. You can easily see how much you have, and where to find it all together. Here I organized gold bracelets together in the three section stacker.


IMG_0737 2
I like to keep like with like.


My daily go to’s are located in the stacker lid.


Daily go to jewelry is all here in the lid.


What I love is that you can choose from multiple designs to create your own personal jewelry box. The 13 section tray  is perfect for your earrings.


So many trays to choose from.


I love the glass cosmetic tray for perfume, essential oils or your daily makeup. The glass liner makes it easy to wipe out if you get a spill.


Glass tray for your perfume or daily makeup.


Custom design for your beautiful jewelry.


How do you organize your jewelry?

If you need an idea check them out here! These would make a sweet Valentine gift  too.


So many trays to choose from.


Do you know where your jewelry is?


Beautiful sitting on the corner too.


Where do you keep your jewelry?


Happy February, and happy jewelry organization! As always if you need help organizing I’m an email away.

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Ready to help you get organized today,




{this post was sponsored by The Container Store but all jewelry and opinions are mine.}

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