Creative Bathroom Organization Ideas

Today, I’m excited to welcome my first guest blogger, Nick Brough from Having an organized bathroom can make all the difference in your daily routine. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your current home, or want some new inspiration, Nick has some great ideas.


Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 3.55.28 PM.png


The Importance of Creative Bathroom Organization

Organization can often be difficult to accomplish in your bathroom if you don’t know where to start. There are many facets of a bathroom in terms of both design and layout, so it is important to understand how your bathroom functions and how it can be improved on.  A combination of both creativity and organization will help to improve the overall quality of your bathroom, while simultaneously increasing the level of comfort. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to get creative with organization in your bathroom.


Step 1: Use Baskets to Organize in an Elegant Way

This can be one of the most beautiful and easy ways to effectively organize your bathroom space. Baskets can be used in essentially any area of your bathroom, making them one of the most versatile methods of organization. For example, if you have extra countertop space on your vanity, try using a basket to store items that are just laying around. These items could range from hand towels to soaps, to daily lotions and medicine.  Keeping them contained in a basket helps create a less cluttered look. Baskets can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, this is perfect for allowing your creativity to flow. It is also important to note that you should always have both a laundry basket and a waste basket in your bathroom to ensure that clutter is limited and laundry is always where it should be. In addition to that, baskets come in several different sizes, shapes, materials and textures, giving you essentially an infinite amount of possibilities when searching for the perfect storage solution for your bathroom.


Step 2: Use Drawer Dividers in your Vanities & Cabinets

This one might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. If your drawers are filled with loose items, this is definitely something to consider. Many people tend to organize their toiletries by drawer, but that’s usually the extent of it. Let’s say you have a vanity that has two levels of drawers, one drawer above the other. Your top drawer should have your most important or most used items, separated by the appropriate number of dividers for easy access to each item. These common items can include dental products, hairbrushes, makeup or other similar items that are used daily. In the drawer underneath, keep your less used items. This can include anything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies. Of course, this will vary depending on how big your drawers are. You may not need drawer dividers for your bigger items, but smaller items that can be easily lost will require them for optimal organization.

If you are purchasing a new vanity, you should consider vanities that already have dividers included with them such as the Ambra 60 at Modo Bath.


Step 3: Install Corner Bathroom Shelves

This is another overlooked aspect to organization that can probably be one of the most effective. Corners are usually empty in a bathroom design, especially up towards eye level. This is the perfect opportunity to include a number of small shelves to hold some of your items that you might need more access to. For example, if your toilet is in the corner of your bathroom, incorporate 2-3 shelves, one on top of the other, to store items such as small towels, toilet paper, soaps or any other items you may want easy access to in that area. You can also use these shelves as decorative pieces as well, by placing some kind of plant life on them for a natural accent to your bathroom.


Step 4: Vanity Accessories

The incorporation of vanity accessories  is important for any bathroom when it comes to organization. One of the best aspects of vanity accessories is the amount of creativity you can express when going through the process of incorporating them. For starters, include a toothbrush holder. There are so many different possibilities. You can have a cup-like toothbrush holder, a wall mounted toothbrush holder or you can even make your own. For example, try a mason jar or even a handmade piece of pottery to add a personal flare to your vanity. Of course this isn’t limited to toothbrush holders. Explore your options and decide which accessories you want to experiment with. It is not uncommon to include DIY accessories, in fact, it should be encouraged. The more creative you can get with any given aspect of your bathroom, the more comfortable and happy you will feel on a daily basis.


Step 5: Use Your Doors

The doors in your bathroom can be used for much more than their primary purpose, and organization is a big one. One of the most effective ways to do so is to include shelves on the back of doors, or something like this on the inside of cabinet doors . This will not only create additional storage space, but it will give you any additional compartments to store specific items. This is convenient for any items you may not need all of the time, but still need easy access too. This could be anything from cleaning supplies to medicine.


In Conclusion…

It is important to understand that creativity is essential in any bathroom design in order to fully appreciate and enjoy your bathroom experiences. A personal touch in tandem with beautiful fixtures and creative organizational accessories goes a long way when it comes to relaxing in a comfortable environment. In the end, you will be enjoying a comfortable and well thought out bathroom.


Thank you Nick for sharing all of your fun ideas and tips with us. For more bathroom ideas check out, they have some amazing inspirational pieces!

When was the last time you organized or updated your bathroom? Does is need some help? If you live in the DFW area, I’m an email away. Don’t live near me? Schedule a virtual organizing session here.

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How To Organize Jewelry

February 14th is the day that we set aside to express how much we love someone. It usually includes candy, flowers, romantic dinners and in my case, jewelry.

My husband has spoiled me rotten over the years and I have some very special pieces to pass down to my daughters and granddaughters someday. Want to see how I organize it?


How To Organize Jewelry

Recently, I upgraded my jewelry organization. I sorted it all out, donated what I didn’t wear or love anymore, categorized it, and put it all back together here. I treated my jewelry collection just like I would a Pantry Makeover or Custom Master Closet.


Jewelry Stackers


Custom creations for all your jewelry.


I’m so in love with these stackers  from The Container Store. They come in so many designs that you can mix and match to fit your collection.

It’s perfect because I like to sort and organize like with like. You can easily see how much you have, and where to find it all together. Here I organized gold bracelets together in the three section stacker.


IMG_0737 2
I like to keep like with like.


My daily go to’s are located in the stacker lid.


Daily go to jewelry is all here in the lid.


What I love is that you can choose from multiple designs to create your own personal jewelry box. The 13 section tray  is perfect for your earrings.


So many trays to choose from.


I love the glass cosmetic tray for perfume, essential oils or your daily makeup. The glass liner makes it easy to wipe out if you get a spill.


Glass tray for your perfume or daily makeup.


Custom design for your beautiful jewelry.


How do you organize your jewelry?

If you need an idea check them out here! These would make a sweet Valentine gift  too.


So many trays to choose from.


Do you know where your jewelry is?


Beautiful sitting on the corner too.


Where do you keep your jewelry?


Happy February, and happy jewelry organization! As always if you need help organizing I’m an email away.

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New Year, New Goals

Well can you believe 2020 is here? I cannot! Time is flying by so quickly! That meme going around that says 1980 was 20 years ago made me stop and say, right?? LOL.

Do You Make New Year’s Goals?

I always used to do the same ole same ole until I realized that “getting healthy” should be a year round goal, not just a once a year goal. So if one of your New Year, New Goals is to get organized, I can help you make that a year round goal as well!

Where do I start?

Where do I start is a question I get a lot! My answer is simple. Start somewhere. Start small. Create small victories so you feel accomplished. Small victories add up to bigger victories and pretty soon you’ve done it!

This year I decided to take my own advice and start small. I have several closets in my home that don’t have a “set purpose”. We are empty nesters now and that created several empty bedrooms and closets. I want those closets to be on my New Year, New Goals list.

One closet in particular is the one right outside my office. I am blessed to have two coat closets in this house plan. We use one for coats, and the other one was being used for all our winter gear. When we moved here from Colorado in 2012, we had all the outdoor snow gear, so I designated that closet as the “winter” closet. Fast forward to being back in Texas a while made me realize we hadn’t used that gear in years. So I sold most of it on my neighborhood Facebook market place, and all that was left was this….


Closet Before


Two pairs of boots, some old videos, extra light bulbs, and off season decor storage during Christmas!


First Step: Make a plan for your space.

This closet is my first project on my New Year, New Goals list. I decided to better utilize this closet for all my Neat Freak McKinney  back stock. I like to keep my favorite organizing products on hand, and my office and car were overflowing. Enter the extra coat closet!


Why I chose an Elfa System:

I decided to take advantage of the Elfa Sale  and put in an over the door system! It’s so easy to install! Here are the parts I started with:

Elfa Over The Door System


The first thing you need to do is measure your door. We have 8 foot doors in our home and this length fits my doors perfectly! They come ready made in two sizes but can be cut to fit!

Next, I assembled all the parts on the door. No holes or drilling required. It might have been easier with another set of hands, but I can do these in my sleep by now and don’t need any extra help, other than a ladder.

Measure Before You Buy


I also needed the commercial sized  over the door hook. So be sure you measure the width of your door too!


The Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Install


Make Sure It’s Level


Custom Fit To Every Need


It literally took me five minutes to install. It comes with an Allen wrench to tighten and secure the top bracket. It’s so easy!

Next, I added in all the back stock  I had in my office and car. This system is great because you can change the height of each basket to fit your needs.


My Neat Freak McKinney Back Stock


Baskets Hold So Much


All Ready To Help You Get Organized


I added this utility board to hang decor from. You can customize it with all different types of hooks! They even have clear boxes  that clip on to hold tape, ribbon, safety pins, anything you want! This system is so versatile and that’s why I love it. All my clients have different needs and I can custom fit for any space!


The rest of the space I am using for storage. I incorporated my stacking drawers that hold so much, my light ring, tripod, garment rack, and extra tall light bulbs! Everything I need to Neat Freak is all right there!


Neat Freak McKinney Closet


My Favorite Organizing Tools


So Close To My Office


I am so excited about this! Organizing makes me happy! This closet now has one purpose and is steps away from my office!

Right now everything Elfa  is 30% off! 30% off all products and 30% off installation too! I can help you design the closet of your dreams. Whether it be a storage closet or your Master Closet, I can help you. Email me if you’re interested! I can help you locally or virtually!


What are your New Year, New Goals going to be?

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Organize Your Holiday Decor

We’ve all seen the holiday movies where the dad is forever wrestling with tangled tree lights right?…Clark Griswolds everywhere can rejoice… I’m here to help you organize your holiday decor the less stressful way!


Let’s Organize Your Holiday Decor

Before I decorate anything, I take inventory of the decorations I already have. The first thing I do is get down all my decor totes from the garage. I keep my tree, ornaments, garland, wreaths, and lights on a shelf unit that is easy to get to. I get everything out and decide if I still love it and want to use it again. If I don’t, I donate or sell it! #useitorloseit is my motto.



I love keeping all the larger unbreakable Christmas accessories in this one big tote on wheels. It makes bringing it into the house so easy.  It can easily be rolled under a bed too. It holds so much that I am able to keep all of my tree picks, garlands, berry wreaths, and smaller faux trees in one spot. When not in use, it stacks neatly on the top shelf in my garage-so easy!







Do you have a pre-lit tree or do you string your own? Even though I have a pre-lit tree I still string my own wreaths, garlands and outdoor tree trunks. I keep all the lights tangle free and ready to go with these light wrap storage boxes. It’s also easy to find a string of lights if I need them at any other time of the year. Keeping like with like makes it easy on everyone.





The lights wrap around these organizers keeping them untangled. The notches hold the plug ends in place and then they all stack nicely in these storage boxes.  The attached lids on the totes are perfect for stacking one on top of the other.



I have a collection of  mercury glass ornaments that I keep safely nestled into these weather tight totes  using  ornament tray inserts. One bag of natural excelsior per insert keeps them safely secured year round.











I used to store my wreaths in plastic trash sacks in the garage until I found these wreath storage boxes.  I have three of them, and rotate my front door wreaths in and out as the holidays come around. They stand up right and fit perfectly on the garage shelf. They can also be hung up on the wall. I love that they keep my wreaths completely dust free and safe from critters.





Ribbons & Nativity

There are a few things I like to keep in the house vs. the garage. I love using these open canvas bins to store my ribbon collection and my breakable nativity scene. They are similar to my favorite farmhouse bins that I use everywhere. I keep these on the top shelf of my linen closet. The built in label pocket makes it easy to see exactly what’s in each bin.








Having all our holiday decorations organized in one location helps keep my stress level down. I know exactly where everything is stored, and all the labeled bins help me find exactly what I need. I have a spot for everything. It makes setting up and putting away so easy! Also, by purging unwanted and unused decor pieces each year, I end up using everything I have and love. Organize your holiday decor the less stressful way!


How do you organize your holiday decor?

Need help? I’m an email away. Want to follow all my organizing tips and tricks? Follow me here on Instagram, or here on Facebook. I also have a Pinterest  and Like To Know It page. I’d love to hear from you! Happy decorating!


From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,




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Christmas Is Coming!

“Christmas is coming” my husband always says! When our kids were younger, whenever they would say they liked or wanted something he would say “Christmas is coming!” …even if it was February 1st lol. But guess what? Christmas really is coming….and soon!


Are you ready for the holidays?

I know every year it comes around faster than we realize. We are just getting our pool toys put away and BAM, we turn around and it’s Christmas.

This year with help from The Container Store I’m all set!

Are you a gift wrap or gift bag person?

I’ve always been a gift bag person, but either way you can find what you need at The Container Store.  They have a beautiful selection of gift bags and tissue paper to choose from, as well as gift tags!  I love going in there and seeing the beautiful displays of holiday wrapping ideas. They make it easy to find all the coordinating designs for your color scheme.

Can we talk about ribbon for a minute? I’m so in love with this pretty velvet Santa ribbon! I also grabbed a couple of rolls of this white satin ribbon that’s trimmed with red pom poms! This year my theme is going to be this craft paper with the ribbons I mentioned above. Here’s a sneak peek!


Brown paper packages tied up with ….ribbon!


These are a few of my favorite things!


It’s classic and fun and goes with my natural wood colored theme, with just a fun touch of red! I also love these reusable jute gift bags! You can use them over and over again. Add fun tissue paper and you’re all set!

How do you organize your gift wrap?

This year Christmas came early for me in the form of this AMAZING ELFA gift wrap cart! For real’s, my organizing dream come true! The best part is that you can roll it from room to room. Kids hanging out in the den? No problem, just roll it into your bedroom. Here’s mine all decked out and ready to go!


Elfa Gift Wrap Cart


So versatile!


It holds everything you need! All in one place.


It even has a ribbon arm!


Can we talk about this for a minute? Five drawers, a ribbon dispenser, wrapping paper organizer, hard top surface for wrapping gifts….AND it’s on wheels?? And look at the top drawer! It has a clear divided tray to hold tape, gift tags, pens, whatever you want! You guys, I haven’t been this excited for something since my husband bought me the vacuum of my dreams LOL!


IMG_3374 2.JPG




Is Christmas coming early for you too?

What’s on your Christmas list? Want to get organized? Ask for one of these, or for a gift card from The Container Store! Want the gift of organization to come to you? I offer holiday gift cards too!! Organization is one gift you won’t want to return!


I love these Santa bag gift card holders!


Christmas is coming sweet friends, are you ready?


I’m here to help you today,


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*This post was sponsored by The Container Store. I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for them. I love and use all the products I endorse; and I love sharing them with you! Happy Holidays!




Before and After: Pantry Edition


Whenever I show before and afters of pantries on my Instagram feed they get the most comments and likes. I think it’s because it gives people ideas, hope, and inspiration to know that a crazy space can become an organized space.

Want to see some of my favorite before & after pantries? Let me show you…


Before & After: Pantry #1




Before: My client had tried to create order by using small clear bins, however the bins were too small for the amount she was tying to contain, and because they were see through, the bins created visual clutter. The other issue was that she had great Oxo brand containers , but they were spread throughout the pantry. They make a cleaner visual impact when they are all together.  Storing holiday items used once a year also took up space that could be used for everyday items.




After: By using larger baskets and bins, as well as creating zones, I was able to bring order to every shelf. Storing like with like, she now knows exactly how much of every item she has, and it’s easy to find. These large lazy susan’s are my favorite for pantry corners and top shelves. You can twirl the lazy susan and bring what you want to the front with ease, no step stool needed. Lazy susan’s in corners use all the available space so nothing gets lost in the back.

I always try and use large floor baskets to hold items like paper towels, lunch boxes, large amounts of snacks, etc. Adding labels also helps everyone in the house know exactly where everything is, and where it goes when you’re unloading groceries.

The holiday items now live in an unused cupboard up high.


Before & After: Pantry #2




Before: No rhyme or reason to where items are put. They have no idea how much they have of anything, or where it is. This makes for double purchases as well as waste when lost and unused items become expired. There was a lot of wasted space in here as well. Let me show you how I solved these problems.




After: I created zones; baking, breakfast, lunch, dinner, baby food, canned goods etc. Keeping like with like they will know exactly how much they have. I also put all the Oxo containers together, again creating visually clean lines. Lazy susan’s hold bottles of vinegars and oils, and bamboo bin clips tell you exactly what is in each basket. In the blue floor baskets I stored lunch boxes and reusable bags. The sides of the pantry are lined with bins too, and the dog food was relocated there. Every inch of the pantry is being used to its potential now.


Before & After: Pantry #3



Before: Costco purchases left on the floor in boxes made everything hard to get to plus created a ton of visual clutter. Again, there is no rhyme or reason as to where things go. This creates chaos and frustration when trying to find what you know you have.



After: I took everything out of the big Costco packages and put the contents into bins my client already had (similar ones here). This makes it easy to grab and go. When the bin gets low you know it’s time to buy more. I also used my favorite affordable white bins and labels (click here to order) to clearly distinguish where everything is. What’s for dinner? Let’s go look in the dinner bin and see what we have!  Kids want to pack a lunch? The lunch bin has everything they need, just bring the bin to the counter, pack their lunch, and off to school they go. So easy.  Want a snack? Grab the eat first bin and find all the opened snacks. Once again, I used large lazy susan’s in all the corners to hold jars and bottles, and cereal containers stored all together make it visually pleasing.


You too can have an organized pantry!

Do you see a formula here? Zones, bins, labels, and floor baskets are my go to when I am organizing any pantry. You can do it too by following these easy steps:

Take everything out: sort everything into like piles and check expiration dates.

Create zones: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, eat first, baking, canned goods, etc.

Plan the layout of your pantry for what works best for your family. It’s not one size fits all. See my pantry here (click “My Pantry” under my saved stories).

Find containers that fit your space. Bins, lazy susan’s, Oxo storage containers, can stackers, baskets, and  floor baskets.

Now label and put it all back in. Enjoy!


Live in the DFW area? I can help you! I”m an email away. Don’t live in the Dallas area, that’s ok! I offer virtual organizing sessions via FaceTime. It’s really fun. We facetime for 45 minutes and talk about your space. I then send you a detailed to do list complete with links for products.

You can see other posts about pantries here.

As always, I’m ready to help you today,