Comparing IS the stealer of our joy.  In this world of perfectly edited photos, magazine worthy homes, perfectly coiffed hair, and long fake lashes among other things, it’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others.




I recently helped a busy mom organize her master closet. They had moved over the summer and added a new baby to the family. To say she is busy is an understatement. I was so glad she asked for help. That is sometimes the hardest step.


This picture is “real life”…




We got to talking about hangers of all things. “Does every hanger HAVE to match?”, she asked?  “In a perfect world they would”, I told her laughing. “Does your closet have all matching hangers?” “No, it does not”, I said.




There is nothing wrong with using what you have. If you want all your hangers to match, and you have a budget that allows you to replace all your hangers, go for it. 

My husband gets his shirts, dress pants, and suits dry cleaned. Am I going to take every shirt and pair of pants and change the hanger when I get home? No way. I would rather use that time and energy on something else. Is it still organized? Of course.





When I first started my business and started posting before and after pictures of my jobs on Instagram and FaceBook, it was intimidating. Were my pictures as good as others? No. Am I a professional photographer? No. Does my work still count? Yes.  




Do I care more about helping clients than posting perfect pictures? Yes. I love what I do. I love helping people, I love helping them take back their space. 




Do I wish every picture I posted looked gorgeously styled and edited…..depends on the day.  Will that keep me from posting pictures of my work? No.











this shelf unit from The Container Store wasn’t being used to it’s potential…





I moved it to her game/storage closet instead….




Now her kids can easily see and get to all their games, and put them back where they go!


Closet before…




Closet after…




Don’t get caught up in perfection. Don’t let it steal your joy, or keep you from doing what you love.

Do you need help taking back your space? Want to have fun while doing it? Then I’m your girl…email me today and let’s get started.


I ready to help,


Getting Ready for Baby

This week I helped a sweet client, who also happens to be my daughter, get her nursery ready.



This sweet baby girl will make baby number 3 for my daughter, and grand baby number 7 for my husband and I. Hashtag blessed!





This nursery shares space with the guest room. The extra bed in there will be nice for Mommy on those long nights and late night feedings.




Mommy’s design choice is simple and classic but with a modern twist. Light, airy, no clutter. Bedspread from Anthropologie.




Sheets and wall hanging from Target, crib from Ikea. All we have left to do here is raise the mattress up.


We turned this unused dresser into a baby changing table. I think it turned out so pretty!







Each drawer holds baby items like diapers, wipes, onsies, jammies, plus extra sheets and blankets. The drawer dividers from Target help keep sizes separate, as well as diapers and wipes organized.

The ensuite bathroom will make bathing baby easy too!




Fun recycle tip: don’t throw away the little bags that the sheets came in. Use them in your diaper bag for everything from a change of clothes to holding your keys and wallet!





And last but not least, hampers don’t have to be plastic and “not cute”! She is using this pretty basket for her baby hamper. Darling right?!




Are you, or anyone you know setting up a nursery? Need help? I’m your gal!


Ready to help you today,



Gearing Up For The Holiday Season

Believe it or not, the holiday season is almost here! Thirty five days, (35!) till Thanksgiving, and seventy days (70!) until Christmas!


Holidays can be filled with stress if you aren’t ready.



Getting prepared and organized in advance can really make a difference. Let’s start with decor. Do you have everything you need in the same place, organized, and labeled by holiday?


Decorating for each holiday can be made so simple. Everything has a place and everything is put back in that place. Year after year, your holiday decorating can get down to a science.


Holiday dishes stored together, placemats stored together, table linens stored together and so on.


I have a specific spot in my house for everything. The sideboard in my formal dining area holds all my linens, table decor, placemats, napkins rings, and so on, for Fall and Christmas.


As soon as summer is over and all the fall decor comes out in the stores, I look in my sideboard BEFORE I buy a thing.


Being organized saves not only time, but money too! Speaking of, I found these placemats at Target for $1.99 a piece. We recently had fifty guests at our home for dinner and I needed some more placemats. For that price I couldn’t pass them up. I needed them and therefore gave myself permission to purchase. Knowing where everything was, it was quick and easy for me to assess what I needed.


Call me and book an appointment today. I can help you get your holiday season organized. Instead of buying things you may already have, spend that money on organizing, you won’t regret it! Ask my clients, they will tell you!

Happy Monday!



Pumpkin Bread Recipe



I’ve had a lot of inquiries for this pumpkin bread/muffin recipe.

I’ve tried many over the years and this is by far the best, in my opinion!


2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

3 cups sugar 

2 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 cup oil

2/3 cup water

4 eggs

1 (16 oz) can of pumpkin

1 cup chopped pecans or chocolate chips (optional)


Heat oven to 350. Grease bottom of two 9×5 loaf pans, 3 8×4 loaf pans, 3 muffin tins, OR 1 bundt pan.

In large bowl, combine all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg; mix well. 

In medium bowl, combine oil, water, eggs and pumpkin. Blend well.

Add to flour mixture, beat 1 minute at medium speed. Fold in pecans.

Pour batter into pans of choice.

Bake for 60-70 minutes if in loaf or bundt pans, 20-30 minutes for muffin pans. Ovens vary so keep an eye on them, they are done when tooth pick comes out clean.

Cool completely and turn out onto rack. Freezes well. Enjoy!


*whenever possible I use organic ingredients. 😉




Calling All Teachers

Did you know I’m a teacher as well as a professional organizer?

And this week, I was able to combine my love for both!

Cupboard before:


Cupboard After:



Teacher In Service, classroom set up, and Meet the Teacher Night makes for a long week! But, I am blessed to work alongside these amazing women, we are a TEAM!



The nice thing about starting with a blank slate each year, is that it motivates you to do better. Every year I want to build on the previous lesson plans, and add a little something new to the mix. If I never purged or organized my classroom, it would feel stale and I wouldn’t be inspired to come up with new ideas.






The same is true in your home. Mixing things up every now and again makes it feel fresh and rejuvenates your soul.






Start with something small, a closet, or a dresser. Take everything out, sort it. Donate what you don’t use, or wear. Only put back what you truly love. 

The same goes in your classroom, Teachers.

If you don’t use it or love it, why is it in your room?




After you have put back only what you use and love, label it. It looks pretty and makes it easy to find what you need. 

Teachers, how many times have you said “oh no, my lesson plans are NOT working?” Sometimes we need to switch gears mid sentence lol! When everything is labeled, you can quickly find exactly what you need. The same is true at home.








Get inspired, start fresh this year!  I can, and would love to help you.


Blessed school year y’all!


Back To School Routines: Daily Schedule

Having a daily schedule that everyone is on board with makes your days run so much better.

Children of all ages can contribute to the house work. Here are some examples of chores for all ages.



When our kids were younger and all at home, everyone had a job. Wether it was vacuuming stairs, doing your own laundry, or loading and unloading the dishwasher, everyone was expected to help. And no, we didn’t do allowances, they were expected to help. If they needed money for something, I had extra jobs they could do to earn that money.

Chores were to be done before anyone could play or “go anywhere”. Work before play is my motto.

Daily routines that were non negotiable were:

  • making beds
  • brushing teeth
  • showering
  • hanging up wet towels
  • picking up dirty clothes off the floor
  • putting dirty dishes in dishwasher/cleaning the kitchen
  • packing lunches
  • daily homework finished
  • backpacks packed and ready to go for the next day


Teaching younger kiddos to pitch in at an early age helps! They love to help when they are little.



At age three, she can pick up dirty clothes, get herself dressed, clean up the play room, help take off her own sheets, and sort between lights and darks.



At age 6, he can empty all the small trash cans around the house, empty the inside recycle bin to the larger one in the garage, vacuum, dust, and empty the dishwasher.

And as I wrote yesterday, I am teaching them to cook. 🙂

They really do love to help at this age! It’s usually the parents that get in the way, because we are always in a “hurry” and don’t want to take the time to teach.

Now I’m not going to lie and say all my kids turned out to be neat freaks like me, because they didn’t lol. But what I hope it instilled in them was a sense of respect for their homes and the things they have been given. I am truly proud of the responsible adults they have turned out to be.


What are some of your non negotiable daily routines? Need help getting started?

I’m ready to help you today,






Back To School Routines: Food Prepping

This time of year brings a shift in all our homes. Wether you have kids going back to school or not, summer routines come to an end.

As a teacher, I personally love this time of year. It brings me a renewed resolve to start fresh! I love setting up my classroom, making new lesson plans and welcoming the change that’s about to happen.

Two ways I stay organized during the school year is by food prepping, and sticking to my daily routines.

Food Prepping:

Every Sunday evening, I prep food for school lunches and dinners for the week ahead. Involving your kids in this teaches them about food, helps them feel included, and makes them feel proud to help accomplish an “adult task”. They also get a bonus lesson in math while measuring.




I usually cook double of whatever recipe I am making. For instance, I will cook a huge roast or two, or a double batch of ground turkey seasoned with onions and garlic. This creates a base for so many dishes.

I also make up a large batch of quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats, and hard boiled eggs. I use these as a base for lunches, adding to salads, side dishes for dinner and breakfast every day. 

  • Quinoa: add to salads, soups, or with veggies for a side dish
  • Brown rice: base for tacos, in salads, or with veggies and chicken for dinner
  • Steel Cut Oats: warm up a portion each morning, add fruit, nuts, honey
  • Hard boiled eggs: breakfast with an avocado, or add to salads

Putting my lunch in individual dishes helps make packing up every morning before school a breeze.

After dinner, have the kids help you pack their lunch box for the next day while you’re cleaning up. Letting them make choices usually ensures they will eat what is packed.




Teaching kids to cook is a life skill they will cherish. When supervised, they really can do a lot of things in the kitchen.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of cooking with both of my grandmas. They made everything from scratch, and taught me to do the same. I think back to those times with the fondest of memories. I love passing it down to my own grandkids.

Other food prep that I like to do weekly includes:

  • washing fruit
  • washing and cutting up veggies
  • baking healthy snacks and freezing for later
  • food shopping once a week


Planning ahead makes those busy week days so much easier. You always have something on had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try it for a week and see for yourself.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with daily routines and schedules to make your days easier! 

Need help, but don’t know where to start? Email me, I’m here for you.


Ready to help you today,


Whole Home Project, Day 5

Today was the final day of my whole home project with this special family. As you recall, a family health crisis turned this sweet family upside down, literally and figuratively.


On Day 5, we held a family meeting, kids included. We talked about the importance of everyone in the family being on board. I impressed on them that this had to be a life change, or else their home would end up like it was before I came.

The kids listened and participated in the meeting. They desired to have a happy, organized home. When they returned home after being away all week, they noticed the difference, and were really excited about it.





After the family meeting, we moved upstairs to tackle their rooms.



They worked tirelessly and without complaining for a solid three hours. We sorted, purged, rearranged, and restyled their collections. The results were astonishing!



We talked about how it was important to not “just clean” their rooms, but to keep them neat, tidy and organized on a daily basis.

Everything in their room now has a form and function. Their fun collections are neatly contained and easily accessible.





Now their son can find what he needs on his desk, as well as have space to do crafts or homework. When like items are stored together, it is easier to find what you need.




Craft items that get used more frequently were stored under the bed in a container, and his National Geographic magazine collection, used more infrequently, found a pretty home, all together.






The before and after pics show just how hard the kids worked. They were proud of their rooms, and want to keep them organized and picked up on a daily basis.

Their mom sent me a sweet note the week after letting me know of the progress the entire family was making on keeping their home neat and tidy. Something to be proud of!!



I will do a thirty day follow up with this family, can’t wait to encourage them to keep up the great work!

Need help with your home? The hardest part is asking, the rest is all GOOD!

I’m ready to help you today,



Whole Home Project, Day 4

Day 4 was all about the kids’ rooms.


Mom and I worked a day in each room before the kids came home. She wanted to have some control over purging without them there.

When I arrived Saturday morning, we held a family meeting. We discussed the importance of not just cleaning up, but creating new habits.


I started in the little girl’s room. We had a trash sack, a donate sack, and a pile of things to go through. She was a champ! She quickly made decisions and was willing to let things go. Neat Freak Jr!! Lol!


She loves nature, collecting beautiful rocks, journaling and her pets.  We grouped like items together and contained the collections into one area. Before, they were scattered about the room and not easy to find.


The after pics are astonishing. She worked so hard and was SO HAPPY with her new room arrangement.


Check back tomorrow for the boy’s room before and afters. They are just as good!

Ready to tackle your mess? I can help you! Email or msg me today and let’s get started! You won’t regret it.

I love people, not their “stuff”,


Whole Home Project Day 3

Day three we moved to the family room. This room was cluttered, but not overwhelming like the other rooms. We knocked this out in a couple of hours.


Organizing isn’t just about “cleaning” a room. It’s about having a rhyme and a reason for everything in that room.

Everything has a place and a purpose or it doesn’t stay.

Rooms don’t stay organized unless I teach my clients and their families why I do what I do.


As with the other rooms, we take out anything that doesn’t belong in that space.

It finds a home elsewhere or it gets donated or sold.

What is left are only the things that belong in the space.


Rhyme, reason, organized.

Ready to tackle your biggest mess?

I’m ready to help you today,


PS Day 4 & 5 tomorrow!