Storing Home Made Play Dough


My grand kids and my preschool students LOVE play dough. I used to be that mom that disliked play dough……sorry my darling grown children, lol! It was messy, stuck in the carpet, crumbled, dried out fast, and the smell was icky.

Fast forward to my days teaching preschool and this home made recipe I received from my Sister-in-Love from Idaho. It’s the best home made recipe I’ve ever tried. It’s fail proof and smells divine. Not to mention it holds it’s shape for weeks.

At home I store it in these cute old play dough cups. ¬†I keep them in this fun candle holder I bought at Frisco Mercantile a few years back. Joanna Gaines uses these holders for crayons in her show, Fixer Upper. “Wanna be Joanna” lol.

Here’s the recipe as I promised on IG and FB this morning:

  • 2 1/2 cups white flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 packages any color Kool-aid/generic is fine
  • 3 Tbsp oil
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • combine in a glass or metal bowl, mix well, keep stored in air tight container for up to three weeks.

Let me know what your favorite recipe is!

Happy Monday,



Little Girl’s Bedroom


I travelled to beautiful Sunnyvale, TX this week.

My client has been in her new home for a few months. When the movers came, they placed furniture and items in the rooms they belonged in, and that’s where they have stayed.

Momma is busy with four children under 7! Neat Freak to her rescue!

The goals for today were the home office, and their daughter’s bedroom.


Upon entering the room, my eyes go everywhere, assessing and editing as I look.

There was a bookshelf under the window, next to the bookshelf. I knew immediately that it needed to be moved or taken out of the room.

Too much furniture in a room makes it appear small and cluttered.


Mom wanted it to stay for storage, so I turned it on it’s side and made a vertical bookshelf next to her desk.

We moved all the games to the hutch, nicely stored behind the doors. I then separated books and knickknacks to both hutch and bookcase, creating a lighter feel.

She has labeled boxes for all her items now. Doesn’t every girl need a box of tiaras?!!


I then turned my attention to the “corner of Barbies”. These needed to be moved out of the corner. Physical clutter makes the brain feel cluttered.

Mom wanted to use the extra linen closet for her daughter’s toy storage. Perfect!


I dumped all the Barbie and American Girl stuff out on the floor to sort. Sorting and throwing away any broken pieces.

I created a shelf for each category. All American Girl clothes and accessories are stored in that pretty red case.

All Barbie dolls are in one bin, all Barbie clothes and accessories are in another, and all Disney Character dolls in another.

Games that need adult supervision are on the top shelf.

And of course we made room for bath towels.



The room and closet now have form and function. Whenever she wants to play, she can take down a bin and play. Easy to clean up and easy to find.

All her dress up clothes are stored in a zipper bag under her bed!



Mom and Daughter were so pleased! Mom sent this video to me later that night. (sorry about the quality, it’s what I received). But listen to C’s excited comments!



Happy Mom, happy daughter, happy neat freak ūüėČ

Ready to help you today,



Farm House Pantry


I had the pleasure on Tuesday, of driving up to beautiful Anna, TX, to work on a pantry. This pantry is a farm house lover’s dream. It has a screen door and window with a view!




My client wanted to freshen up the space, get everything off the floor, and create rhyme and reason to her pantry.




We started by emptying out all items, cleaning the shelves, and creating a space that made sense to my clients needs.




We then combined like items. ¬†Canned peaches and jams (put up by her husband-so awesome), spices, oils, vinegars, etc. onto the shelves. We used these stadium shelves,¬†clear boxes, and clear lazy susan’s, (my personal favorite) that she purchase at Target.









I labeled these jars for her but forgot to take a picture!



We then turned our attention to her serving dishes. We stored according to like items. Serving platters and bowls in one section,  serving plates and cups into another, all small appliances together, etc.




Next, we organized her spice cabinet.





Labeling all the canisters, and organizing into sections like “baking”, cookbooks, spices, etc.




Displaying all like things together, like her cookbooks, makes it pretty too!




My client now has a completely organized pantry, with a clean floor, and room to spare. Her spice cabinet is now cleaned, labeled, and organized. She can find anything she needs, and actually has an empty shelf!!

This was the sweetest client ever, she served me a bowl of fresh, home grown peaches that were the best I’ve ever had! She offered to make me lunch, and then sent me home with a bag of just picked tomatoes and more peaches from her garden.




I love my job, I love meeting people in their homes, and I love the kindness and joy that we share making their spaces productive and beautiful.

I think making some peach salsa is on my agenda today!!

I’m ready to help you today,





Welcome to Neat Freak McKinney! I’m so happy you stopped by. Let me introduce myself.

I grew up in beautiful Idaho, the oldest of seven children. My mom is also a neat freak. She had to be in order to stay sane in a house with nine people. I learned early on that work always came before play. It was one of the best things my parents ever taught me.

I’ve always loved taking care of, decorating, and organizing my own home. When my daughter left for college in 2006, I was heartbroken. Our life as we knew it was forever changed. In my sadness, my sweet friends all encouraged me to start my own business using my gifts for home organization.

It was then that Neat Freak was born. I had business cards printed and a business plan in place. But God had other plans. My husband was transferred to Denver. We left our beloved Flower Mound and went on a five year journey exploring beautiful Colorado. I shelved my neat freak dreams and went to work in the school district that our son was attending school in. I worked in several differently abled classrooms. What a blessing that was.

In 2012, after grand babies were being born in Texas, we decided to move back. Our family was more important to us than those glorious mountains.

After moving to McKinney, I started teaching in a local preschool, Redeemer Day School, just minutes from my home. I love teaching, I love children, I love that my grandchildren attend the same school, and I love the ministry I have there. But this last year, something inside of me was encouraging me to start Neat Freak up again.

I decided to wait until summer to give it my full attention, and in June 2017, Neat Freak McKinney was born. I woke up one day and said “lets do this”. ¬†Social media has drastically changed since 2006, and in just days I had my first clients. I cannot tell you the rewards that have already come my way in just this short time.

I can’t wait for the rest of the story……

Love, Lisa

PS We now have six grand babies, with another on the way! God is Good!



Home School Room

Today’s client is a busy homeschool mom with four children ages six and under. She wanted help organizing her school room.


We started by discussing what the room will be primarily used for: school and crafts.

We then purged the room of anything that was broken or had missing pieces, and created a donation pile. Keep, donate, purge.



I then combined all “like” things together, books, board games, puzzles, fine motor skill games, legos, curriculum, etc.

The top row of the black cabinet is all for Mom. Curriculum, manipulatives , and teacher supplies.


We moved all the books to the book shelf. Her homework included organizing and sorting like books together. We pushed the book shelves together creating a lego center in the corner.


The top of the red bookshelves is all craft items. Away from little hands, yet easy for mom to find and set on the table.



The room now has form and function, and she even has a few extra empty drawers! It can easily be maintained by putting away one craft/lesson/project before starting the next thing. Children love to help, involve them!

Total time on job: 2.5 hours, extra cost for client, $0 as we used only what she had.

I’m ready to help you today,