Pantry Redo

Saturday, I travelled to Celina, TX to help organize a pantry.

This is the before:



My client had an inspiration picture that she found on Pinterest. Her goal was to have a pantry like this..




My client shopped for bins and containers from the inspiration pictures. She found most at Ikea, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.

If time is an issue, I do personal shopping for my clients ;-).




The first thing I always do is empty the space I’m organizing. I clean shelves, sort like items, throw away anything broken or expired.

Then we start putting things back in, creating areas for baking, dinner ideas, fruits, veggies, spices, paper goods, etc.




The clear containers below, from Ikea and Hobby Lobby, are perfect are for rice, oats, nuts, cereal, raisons, etc.

Labels make things easy to find.




After I left, my client was inspired to keep going. She went out and bought more bins, moved some things around and made it her own! That is my goal. To help clients make changes and choices that best fit their lifestyle. What works for me doesn’t always work for them.

She sent me pictures, she was so happy.




More labels are on their way to her as she came up with some new bin ideas!


Before >>>>After


Contact me today if you want to get organized!

I’m ready to help you,